My name is Sang.

I am a developer with experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and React.js.

Over the years I have come to know myself as an individual that hungers to understand the causes of things. From a broken watch to a flaw in character, I believe that with most of life's problems, understanding and addressing the root causes make for the best solutions. I enjoy programming for this very reason. When I encounter, understand, and appropriately address an issue - whether it's building, improving, or debugging an app - the satisfaction I get is beyond compare.

In my leisure times, I like to read fantasy novels. Else, I like to apply the above principles in board games over some beer.



    Slick is a single-page communication application inspired by Slack. Modeled with RESTful architecture to allow users to CRUD username, channels, and messages, Slick uses polymorphic and self association on messages to create replies. To allow channel members to see new messages, new members, and receive notifications when on different channels, Slick is assembled AJAX, Websockets, and pusher API. Slick is mobilized to online service with Heroku and Amazon Web Services for world-wide accessibility.



    GimmeABrick is a spin-off of a well known classical game, Brick-Breaker. Prioritizing user interface and user experience to ensure enjoyable playing experience, the app is engineered with trigonometry to develop realistic bouncing of balls at given angle. Devised with HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 Audio, GimmeABrick promotes seemingly continuous display and richer gaming experience.



    NomNomDom is a lightweight DOM manipulation program inspired by jQuery. The app enables users to alter existing DOM’s by appending, removing, adding, and handling events. Simplifying JavaScript's collection of built in vanilla methods, nomnomDom provides its users with quicker and more intuitive ways to address the DOM’s within an HTML.




  • App Academy (2017):
  • Fullstack Development
  • Rigorous 1000-hour software development course with <3% acceptance rate. Exposure to: Abstract Data Structures, Cache, LRU, Hashing, TDD, OOP, algorithms, design patterns, and programming best practices.
  • Lafayette College (2013):
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • Four years of engineering program which includes studies of sophisticated mathematics in forms of Calculus, Differential Equation, Linear Algebra.